mzr005 Colour Haze - Ewige Blumenkraft

MZR010 Commando - Piet CD/LP MZR010: Commando - Piet CD/LP

Releasedate: 05/2002

Format: 2LP (500 copies, out of print) / CD


1. Freakshow
2. Almost gone
3. Smile
4. Outside
5. Goddess
6. House of Rushammon
7. Reefer
8. Freedom
9. Smile1
10. Elektrohasch



Once again Colour Haze come up with the goods!!!! This, the new and lastest offering from Colour Haze is brilliant. The band has come a long way since their last record,Co2. This record is number 5 for the band and it takes you on a journey through the minds of this great band. I would have to say that Colour Haze are my all time favorite band, the way they blend heavy with mellow is unreal.Every track on this cd is fucking awesome and with everything just done perfect!!! Vocals are strong and stefan's guitar playing is fucking awesome he can make the guitar sing. Bass and drums offer a great surge of power and the way the band go off in jams is just completly mind blowing. Another thing about this album is, the cover from the great band Buffalo, an Australian rocking band in the 70's. The track listing is different on my cd but trust me every track will take your breath away and leave you will goose bumps.Anyone looking for a trippy blend of rock,stoner,fuzz and psycedelic music will fucking love this and yes once again the band's cd clocks in at 78 minutes.Once again support this fine rock trio they are rockin.


Colour Haze - Ewige Blumenkraft
Review by: Robwrong (
Release date: available now

This is refreshing compared to their last effort. Colour Haze have developed a unique style while still retaining the psychedelic groove stuff that they proved themselves worthy of from their first CD that I heard... Colour Haze's latest -"Ewige Blumenkraft" touches on the likes of early Monster know that thick fuzzy guitar soul 70's worship rock...and rock this does. It's got that thick bass groove, that same groove throughout that is the same kind of moving style that Tool has, but not as complicated and bluesier like Hendrix...
The first track kicks in and you are on your way. It has some simple grooves...building up to the second track "Almost Gone" which reminds me of a cross between something off of Superjudge crossed with Hendrix's Crosstown Traffic, mainly due to the vocal melody in the chorus. Super groove guitar oriented song that you can't help but bob your head to... Now they have my attention.
This CD travels quite a bit from the beginning, almost hooking you in grooves, but quickly moves on to different ground...mostly that of the free hand psychedelic ground. There is one song that clocks in at almost 20 minutes and is most triumphant. This CD is developed and is good if you want to spin some classic sounding heavy fucking soul rock's got a dry recording quality that lets the un-filtered, un-saturated effects music shine on through. It's got a story behind it although I am not quite sure what it is, but hey- the music is what is important first and foremost, right?
Dig on this CD if you like the styling of early Wyndorf's entertaining and fun, heavy and full of lots of hooks. Not the kind of hooks that all people won't get if you know what I mean. Definitely a Rocker if you dig. Dig?

Colour Haze - "Ewige Blumenkraft"
Monster Zero Records
by Chris Barnes/

Colour Haze, without a doubt, are one of the most progressive and best sounding bands out there.
Every once in awhile there comes music down the pike that you consider to be your personal classics. Music that for one reason or another, moves you, changes your perspective or takes you away for the length of a CD or LP. 2000's "CO2" did that for me. So having the same thing happen twice is like hitting the lottery twice. It just doesn't happen very often and when it does, it's a truly remarkable experience.
Colour Haze has created music that tops their previous pinnacle of success with "CO2". Ewige Blumenkraft is a superb work of art, combining the best sonic qualities of bands such as Natas, Sonic Youth and Kyuss and making it something incredibly original and unique. These aren't so much songs as soundscapes of distortion, rhythm and emotion. To go on doesn't do the music nor the band any justice. It's something that has to be heard in order to be believed. An amazing release, and one more in a long line of bands from Germany changing the way we think about music.

Colour Haze - Ewige Blumenkraft
Label: Monster Zero Records

Kannte ich vor wenigen Wochen nur ihren Beitrag zu dem tollen Sampler Burned Down To Zero. So liegt mir jetzt eine Promo ihres neusten Werkes "ewige Blumenkraft" vor, daß wahrscheinlich im Mai veröffentlicht wird.
Schon beim ersten hören beschlich mich das Gefühl das es sich hierbei um keine Newcomer Band handeln könnte und siehe da laut Info ist es bereits seit 1995 ihre 5. Veröffentlichung. Schande über mein Haupt das ich erst jetzt von dieser Band erfahre. Denn was uns hier geboten wird läßt sich nicht so einfach in Worte fassen. Erscheinen einen die Songs am Anfang noch etwas sperrig so entwickeln sie sich nach mehrmaligen hören zu richtigen Perlen. Vergleiche sind schwer zu ziehen( was wohl als größtes Kompliment zu sehen ist) aber ich würde sie am ehesten mit Loose(35007) auf eine Stufe stellen. So bieten sie von kurzen knackigen Songs bis fast 20 minütigen Songs einfach die ganze Bandbreite ihres Könnens. Ich bin gespannt wie sich diese Band Live präsentieren wird aber ich habe keine Zweifel das sie ihrem Studiomaterial noch eins drauf setzen können. Vielleicht sehen wir sie ja demnächst in Erfurt. Definitiv eine Band von der wir noch großes hören und sehen werden, so hoffe ich jedenfalls. SW/

COLOUR HAZE - Ewige Blumenkraft (Monster Zero Records)

One of the best german Stoner Rock bands is back. Their last release CO2 was really impressive with some excellent songs and if you saw them live, you will know what you should expect. Very long songs with some psychedelic, jamming parts and on the other hand some (for Colour Haze) short rockers.

Starting with that fantastic FREAKSHOW and followed by ALMOST GONE, a great song with groovy rhythms and an outstanding refrain, which reminds me of some QOTSA parts, the first good impression was set. After that the songs with a playing time from 6 till 10 minutes are starting. I normally don`t like endless songs, but Colour Haze aren`t boring at any time. The opening riff of OUTSIDE didn`t go out of my mind for days! And HOUSE OF RUSHAMMON sets you back in the 70`s. This couldn`t do Deep Purple or Hawkwind better....

The last track ELEKTROHUSCH runs 20 minutes! From a drug-inspired beginnig to an hectic middle-part and back....fantastic guys!

The production is very dry, but in that genre you need that....this is not overproduced, this is the sound Colour Haze wants and this is the sound they sound live!

With this release definately a leading (should I say the leading band) band in Germany, because the live-performance is bombastic too.

Genre: Stoner/70`s Rock
Music: 8
Sound: 7
Info: 10 songs/74.21 minutes

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