mzr003 Zerocharisma - Flip the Man

MZR010 Commando - Piet CD/LP MZR003: Zerocharisma - Flip the Man CD

Releasedate: 09/2000

Format: CD-EP


1. Oracle
2. Ridin' Astro
3. Caliphornia
4. Space Probe
5. Flip the man


Flip The Man
Monster Zero Records - 2000 - 20:18

Auf 'flip the man' zeigen die fünf Jungs von Zerocharisma wie schön Rock'n'Roll aus Finnland sein kann. Auf ihrer EP, die von dem deutschen Label Monster Zero Records veröffentlicht wurde, geht es richtig zur Sache. Die überwiegend schnellen, energiegeladenen Songs mit ihren tiefen rotzigen Riffs, unterlegt mit groovigen melodiösen Gitarrenparts, dazu noch die aussergewöhnlich starke Stimme des Sängers, haben der EP einen sicheren Stammplatz in meinen CD-Player erobert.

Monster Mag

Zerocharisma -Flip The Man

Monsterzero Records 2000

Whoa!!! This record roars like a dragster at full speed! This great Ep is released by the good label Monsterzero Records...and their choice was right, because the band we're talking about has great chances to rise to great fame levels; Zerocharisma plays a sort of punk-influenced stoner-rock, mixed with some motorhead...I could say optimal tourmate of Zerocharisma are the finnish Sunride...they seem to have the same fuckin' irty attitude...they are the perfect bands to listen to at a wild alcholic party. Really adrenalinic.This Ep contains five top class songs. Oracle, the opener, is really fast and amphetaminic, Ridin' Astro is a bit slower, but still heavy. Then it's time for Caliphornia, another fast song...but with a lovely mid-tempo stoned break. The fourth song is Space Probe, and it's once again time for a highway ride in the night...this is my favourite song, and probably the most psychedelic, too. Finally, there is the title track, Flip the Man; in the beginning, it seems to be the most punk-song of the whole cd. Then, it becomes a real kick it the head, due to its dirty stoned-punk attitude I really love. The performance of the musician is perfect (especially, i loved the singer's voice) and the recording is really really good. A very high recording standard, for Zerocharisma. Definetively, this is a very very good record from Monsterzero Records...every rock-lover should buy it...another perfect record for tripping on the highway...

Review by Alex (Stoned Gods)

Zerocharisma - Flip the Man
Review by: Dan Beland (

"Flip the Man" is the 5 track debut from the Finnish
stoner rockers known as Zerocharisma! Their brand of
raging rock is very much like their
countrymates 'Sunride'. But besides this one closely
related band (they play shows together) there really
aren't any other direct comparisons for Zerocharisma's
sound. Not that they're completely original either.
They're just a fresh and furious breed of good ol'
rock n roll that gets inside your veins.

Zerocharisma's sound includes spacey effects ala
Monster Magnet, and a double dose of fuzz ala Dozer
and Astroqueen but their tempo is generally faster
than both of these bands. The dulled down fuzz on the
second song 'Ridin' Astro' is especially cool and
parts of the 4th song 'Space Probe' graze the
pummeling heaviness of some of High on Fire's latest
riffs. And in a stoner rock world that seems to be
populated mostly by 3 piece bands, Zerocharisma is a
full 5 piece with two guitars and a vocalist. Jani,
the vocalist, has one of the most unique and
powerful 'throaty' rock voices in recent memory. He's
got one of those voices that you can pick the second
he starts singin any song and it adds a well defined
personality to the band's overall sound..

"Flip the Man" is a great EP and it will be getting
spun on the old CD-Rom every time I'm in the mood for
something full of energy to get me going.. This is air
guitarin', toe tappin', up tempo, groovy rock 'n roll
with balls! If you like Sunride, Fu Manchu, Dozer, or
Lowrider you should definitely dig Zerocharisma.. If
you like music that gets your blood boiling and your
head bangin then these crazy Finnish dudes will quench
your thirst for ROCK! I personally would have enjoyed
some varied tempos and some different styles but I
will wait till their first full length before I start
complaining about things like that!